Special and unique wedding dress in Belgrade

Wedding dress in Belgrade

A wedding dress in Belgrade is not hard to find, but it is difficult to choose the right one. A wedding gown is one of the most important things on the big day. Every single girl thinks about that day when she will walk down the aisle and get married to a man of her dreams.

Of course, for that special occasion, she needs the perfect dress – a wedding dress. Every girl feels like the best version of herself when she wears a perfect wedding dress and a veil. They have to be just like in her dreams and imagination. We know the best place to look for something like that. It is a wedding salon in Belgrade – “Dar”.

Wedding dress in Belgrade

A wedding dress is special because it is a part of a unique outfit combination when someone is celebrating love and commitment. A woman wears it when she is marrying a man that is ideal for her.

There is a long tradition of wedding dresses. At first, it was used as a special gown that women wore during the wedding ceremony. Through time, it became necessary that the wedding dress represents the purity of the bride. That is why this gown is white.

Wedding dress in Belgrade

The white color represents a successful beginning, as well as virginity, innocence, and goodness. That is everything that a bride should be. This trend with white wedding dresses became popular in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in Great Britain. On her wedding day, the royal bride opted for a white lace and silk-satin gown that she designed for herself. That moment was a breaking point in the wedding dress fashion.

Today, many designers and fashion moguls are creating dreamy wedding dresses that look magical on the right girl. Just as every girl has a perfect man for herself, in the same way, she has a dress that suits perfectly on her body. It is not easy to find, but the perfect place to take a look is „Dar”, a wedding dress shop in Belgrade.

Why is “Dar” a perfect place to look for a wedding dress in Belgrade

We are located in the heart of the capital city of Serbia. Also, we are gathering many models and designers that are creating one of a kind wedding dresses. Their decorations are like from the most romantic fairy-tale.

Lace, pearls and gentle, as well as the romantic look, is our specialty. We are here in order to make every bride happy, to put a smile on her face and help her to look gorgeous.

It is important that the bride decides if she wants a short or long wedding dress as well as a shape. Princess-like wedding dresses are an ideal choice for girls that are searching for a memorable gown that will make everybody jealous.

Wedding dress in Belgrade

A girl has to make a statement using a wedding dress and to show that she is beautiful and happy, as well as to celebrate her special day.

The most romantic wedding dresses in Belgrade

Alessandro Angelozzi is a designer and he created a special collection “Lost in Paradise”. Those are memorable and unique wedding dresses that will make you the most beautiful bride in the world. This collection is exciting and pure. The gowns are made of lace, satin and decorated with flowers and romantic applications.

Tarik Ediz wedding dresses are dresses that are number one in the bridal world for the last 30 years. These gowns are luxurious and a perfect choice for ceremonial wedding day. Made of lace, these dresses are ideal for a modern lady.

Wedding dress in Belgrade

Wedding dresses from collection Cosmobella 2020 are a great solution for young and urban girls. Those models are putting more attention on the naked back and lace. They are created for adventurous young ladies.

Contact us and make a reservation. Belgrade is a great city for finding an ideal wedding dress. Let us know which model is your favorite!