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The big day – Everything you need to know about wedding dress

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A wedding dress is the most important dress in every girl’s life. From a young age, girls are dreaming about the perfect dress and walking down the aisle with the man of their dreams.

Being in love and marrying the perfect man has always been an ideal day for every woman. For that occasion, the perfect wedding dress is a must-have. Today, we will reveal everything that every girl needs to know about a perfect wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Style

After the engagement, dinner, and parties, it is time to start choosing a perfect wedding dress. Often, women do not know where to start with preparation. If you still do not know what you want, we are recommending to begin by gathering inspiration.

The wedding dress does not have to be much different than your casual outfit. Besides that, you have to feel comfortable because you have to wear it all day long. The wedding day is not a day to feel discomfort or being nervous. The fabric is also extremely important! Wear only natural materials.

After that, you have to think about a wedding dress shape. Ask yourself what styles flatter your body type the most. Is that a big, princess dress, or siren shape, “A” shape?… There is a lot of details to think about. Do you want short or a long wedding dress?

Wedding dress

As soon as you find out the answers to all of those questions, the sooner you will find a perfect match for your body. Think about the weather. Do not forget about temperature or wind issues. Remember: it is your day! You have to feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy! Do not let the weather or bad material to spoil that perfect day. Always be prepared for any problem! Think in advance!

Why is wedding gown so important

Wedding dresses were changing their roles throughout history. Traditions vary between cultures, religions, and societies, but wedding dress always was very important.

Medieval marriages have been a matter of politics, part of a business deal or a union between families. It was therefore important that the bride dressed in the most presentable way as she represented much more than herself.

The introduction of the traditional white wedding gown also brought about a deep importance in the wedding ceremony. White was a symbol of the purity of the bride.

Today women mostly have the freedom to choose their ideal wedding gown no matter the colour, fabric, shape or style. However, the wedding dress is still such an important part of a marriage.

Wedding dress

For the numerous brides, the wedding dress is a statement piece that makes them feel perfectly special on their memorable day. A wedding dress is a dress that captures the beauty of the bride for all guests to see as she walks down the aisle. Traditional white gowns are still the popular choice for modern brides.

Where to find a perfect wedding dress?

The perfect dress is not easy to find, but we are suggesting to try in a shop that has a lot to offer. The more dresses you find, the sooner you will know what you want.

In Dar salon-shop, you may find numerous different wedding dresses. We are recommending an Italian wedding dresses that are easy to recognize thought unique design and quality. Alessandro Angelozz wedding dresses are one of a kind dresses specially made for the perfect day.

Wedding dresses signed by designer Tarik Ediz are special because of their very interesting cuts and decorations. Lace, pearls and fairy-tale inspired dresses are waiting for you in Dar wedding dresses shop in the heart of Belgrade.

Also, the new collection Cosmobella 2020 is something that every single bride will love. We have many different dresses as well as different shapes. Also, all materials are natural and very comfortable to wear.

Wedding dress

Contact us today and we will help you to look wonderful on the most important day in life. Be the best version of yourself and look stunning wearing the perfect dress that looks like it is made just for you.

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