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Beautiful haute couture wedding dresses

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Fashion has always been very important. It is a way to express yourself and to make a statement. Haute couture is the most fantastic category of fashion. These fashion shows are always drawing attention and everybody is looking and holding their breath. New collections are everything that everybody wants to see.

Wedding dresses are the most important detail on the wedding day. Every bride wants to shine and to be the best version of herself. When you combine the wedding dress and the haute couture, you are getting the point of interest of every single bride in the world. Haute couture wedding dresses are every bride’s dream. A wedding style is very important and women have to choose it wisely. Not every bride is traditional and, in like manner, the wedding gown has to be in her style.

Wedding style

Every bride is different and she has to choose her wedding style by herself. She has to decide if she wants to be a traditional or non-traditional bride. Elegance is something that most of them want, but not necessarily. Some of them are less romantic and they want rock style, for example. Anyway, these brides are a rare type.

Most of them are very romantic and there is a lot of styles that they can desire. Vintage style is for the ones who love some old times. A rustic wedding is similar to vintage and that typically requires a lot of lace on the wedding gown.

Haute couture

Bohemian romance may be very interesting to many brides because it is very gentle and sweet.

Haute couture wedding dresses in Belgrade

Every bride wants to look elegant, dreamy, precious, and truly herself on the wedding day. The best way to express a style is through a wedding gown. It has to be unique and simply wonderful.

It is important to know that you can find haute couture wedding dresses in Belgrade. Alessandro Angelozzi Couture represents wedding dresses that are every girl’s dream. There are four models and every single one of them is special and created for a bride who wants to look dreamy. 

These delicate wedding dresses are something that every bride desire. Alessandro Angelozzi Fotosfera wedding gown has a very interesting pattern and beautiful long lace veil. This model looks voluptuous and poetic.

Alessandro Angelozzi Iceberg model is reserved for a women who know what she wants. This dress is designed for a bride with courage, attitude and strong posture. We are recommending this model for a bride who wants a bohemian wedding.

Alessandro Angelozzi Moscata wedding gown really looks like a dress for a princess. This model is surreal heavenly, airy and beautiful. This gown is an ideal choice for a vintage wedding style. It will be just perfect!

Alessandro Angelozzi Sebastian wedding dress may accoutre a bride with a perfect body who wants to expose all her attributes. Featuring tulle, lace, embroidery and silk faille are a perfect combination for a romantic wedding.

Haute couture

Every model is special and all you have to do is to pick a favorite one and to say YES to the dress.

Haute couture wedding salon in Belgrade

The best haute couture wedding dresses you may find in Belgrade, in wedding salon Dar. Alessandro Angelozzi is an Italian designer who is creating fairy-tale wedding dresses with lots of love and attention. Some of his best creations are here, in our salon, waiting for you to make your biggest day special and dreamy.

You can contact us and make an appointment. Visit us in our salon Dar and try out all the models. After the demonstration and checkout, you will know which model is the right for you, your body and your wedding theme. Start looking for a perfect gown as soon as possible. Do not wait, because the most important day is coming.


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