Say YES to the dress

Say YES to the dress 2

Do not forget to say YES to the dress before you stand next to your man! A wedding dress is the most important thing in a bride’s life. One of the crucial things is to find a dress to say YES to.

All women are dreaming about their wedding day and they want it to be perfect. When that day comes, they need to check if everything is like they want it to be and if they have covered all the details. Finding the dream gown may be extremely stressful and brides have many questions. Does it fits right, will he love it, is it perfect, are only some of them. If the dress is too expensive, that will only cause even more problems. The bride will be in depression if she can not afford it. Besides the wedding dress, there is a tone of other things to think about – decorations, cake, restaurant, church… People are saying that the wedding is one of the most beautiful days in the world, but also the most stressful ones.

Say YES to the dress – Wedding dress types

The bride has to look perfect. She has all eyes on her, and not to mention the photos that she has to keep forever. Those are the memories! Standing next to a man of her dreams in the perfect wedding gown is a thing to remember forever.

At first, a bride has to find out what she wants. She has to find an answer to what is the perfect wedding dress for her. Is it a tulle, A-line, fit-and-flare, organza, sheath, regal ballgown ideal for a princess, or short one for the dance floor?

Say YES to the dress 3

An important advice – be open-minded! If you do not like something at first, it does not have to mean that it is a bad idea! Bridal consultants in our wedding dress salon Dar in Belgrade will help you to find out what is the best choice for you. Consider every suggestion and eventually, you will know what you want.

It is important to know your wedding team in advance. Do you want to be a bohemian bride or a modern one? That is crucial to know before shopping for a wedding dress. Also, do not forget about non-obvious costs and plan them into the budget. This is a very important part of the planning because you know what does looks like a dress that you want to say YES to

When you even slightly find out what you, find a great bridal salon! Do not forget to call ahead and to make an appointment. Do not waste your time, because it will flow by. Wedding dress salon in Belgrade Dar has very good bridal consultants and they will most certainly help you.

Say YES to the dress – How to buy a perfect dress?

There are a few tricks to know if you want to do it in a less stressful way. Try to shop on the week-day, and avoid weekends, because of the crowd. Also, make shopping a whole-day affair. Do not feel like you are in a rush, because it takes time to put one wedding gown on and off, especially if you are trying out many of them. Take a whole day to pick a wedding dress. When you see it, you will know it – you will say YES to the dress.

Say YES to the dress 1

In like manner, find a perfect crew for that process and choose them wisely. Do not bring someone who bothers you or makes you nervous. Also, explain to them that it make take a while and that you need them for a whole day long.

Most importantly – bring the right undergarments.

Wedding dress salon in Belgrade Dar

Wedding dress salon Dar is located in Belgrade and has the best gown models! Also, our consultants have a lot of experience and will do anything to help you to pick the right dress for your wedding day.

Our special wedding dress collections are waiting for you. Alessandro Angelozz wedding dresses are unique and will make you feel like a princess. Wedding dresses made by Tarik Ediz are special and fairy-like. Collection Cosmobella will make you feel wonderful and like the best version of yourself on the big day.

Contact us and make an appointment at our wedding salon. We will help you in finding the most beautiful and special wedding gown. When a woman sees a gown she has to say YES to the dress.

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